Three Million Open Jobs in America… Right Now

This past Sunday, the TV show 60 Minutes aired a very compelling piece on the skills gap in America.

Essentially, there are jobs available. But not enough skilled workers to fill these jobs.

As we’ve said many times before; a substantial chunk of America is trained for a world that no longer exists.

While the segment (below) focuses on manufacturing jobs. If you find yourself unemployed or underemployed, it’s important to note that there are many industries and verticals hurting for skilled workers.

When it comes down to securing meaningful work, it’s vital to look into the future. Which means, any job that can be replaced my machines, robots, or computers will eventually be replaced… but you know what won’t be replaced? Those jobs that create, design, control, or program those machines and software.
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The Road Ahead…


Creating a modern day academy isn’t easy. But we are dedicated to creating a learning environment designed to help you navigate today’s challenges.

We’ve listened to your feedback and our team is in the process of a complete overhaul.

Over the next few months, we are going back to the drawing-board and redesigning the academy from the ground up.

From the way we’ll be designing future courses to how those courses directly effect your life, everything will constantly improve. For instance:

  • You’re busy: We are crafting future courses to allow for even easier consumption throughout your day.

    So look for our academy to become ever more mobile friendly as well as easier on your task list.

  • You need specific answers: We are in the process of launching a resource library that will include free lessons, videos, and snippets created to answer your real-world questions.

    Stay tuned for more info on the library soon… We’ll have a question form for you to submit your challenges.

  • You’re overwhelmed by information: Our courses will not include any fluff. This includes ridiculous examples of hypothetical scenarios that don’t apply to you. But you know what does apply to your life? Your life. Shocking, I know ;)

    Therefore, our lessons are only designed to reflect your life through the eyes of you. You’ll do this through action-based lessons you can complete during your day.

  • You’re unsure of how to handle change: It’s crazy how fast the world is changing. Never before in history has there been so many changes. And these changes result in countless challenges for you. From your health to your relationships.

    There is a complete re-imagination of nearly everything in your life. Our courses will constantly evolve to tackle these problems.

To summarize, your feedback has helped immensely. And your learning academy & curriculum will improve accordingly.

But it doesn’t stop there, we are constantly searching for better ways to help you learn the skills necessary to succeed in this ever-changing world…

So please, for the benefit of you and our other students, continue to give us feedback to our WeCare @ NewMethods team.

Here’s to your continued success. Thank you!

Remarkability Factor; Bertelli

Bertelli Biciclette Assemblate. You won’t find anyone else like them.

Simple and elegant web design work that allows you to feel the quality of craftsmanship. Similar to Optimo Hats from a few weeks ago, but with their own unique twist.


Remarkability Factor; Sal Khan

“It is no exaggeration to say we will change the world.”~ Sal Khan, 1998.

With over 3,300 on every college University subject under the sun, it’s safe to say he did just that at Khan Academy.

Here’s the commencement speech Sal Khan gave at MIT earlier this year.


Remarkability Factor; Story Wars

The battle to be heard in a world of noise will be won by those who tell – and live – the best stories.

Jonah Sachs shows you how.